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About Us

West Shore Meals On Wheels has been supporting the nutrition needs of local residents since its founding, in 1973, as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. We operate two kitchens, the Fairview Park Kitchen and the Rocky River–Lakewood Kitchen, which serve residents of their respective communities.

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Who We Are

We are local and independent. West Shore Meals On Wheels is not affiliated with any national association, government entity, religious group, or other private or public organization.  

We are volunteer-based. Although we have several employees, most of our work is accomplished by scores of volunteers who generously contribute their time, efforts, and expertise to our mission. 

We rely on donations. As we receive no government subsidies, our success depends on donations and grants from generous members of our communities. 

We support equal opportunity. West Shore Meals On Wheels does not discriminate against its recipients, volunteers, or employees on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, religion/creed, disability, sex or gender identity, sexual orientation or expression, or socioeconomic status. 

Our Mission

The guiding purpose of West Shore Meals On Wheels is to provide nutritional support for members of our community who find it difficult to shop for or prepare their own food. To that end, we prepare wholesome, well-rounded meals fresh daily at our kitchens, and deliver those meals to our clients’ doors — on a short-term or long-term basis.


Although many of our clients are seniors, we serve eligible individuals of any age. The meals we deliver can mean the difference between a nutritious diet and the malnutrition often experienced by those who live alone and/or cope with disability or frailty.


Our service is often the determining factor that allows people to remain in their homes rather than live in a temporary or permanent institutional setting. For some of our clients, contact with a delivery volunteer may be the only personal interaction they have all day — and a very welcome one. In addition, volunteers who deliver meals will note if a recipient does not answer the door as usual, in which case the recipient’s contact person can be alerted to a possible problem that needs intervention. 

West Shore Executive Board 2021

Lynda Kovach   



Chris Polomsky  

Vice Director 


Karen Conroy  

Recording Secretary 


Bill Ridmann  



John Becker  

Purchasing Agent 

Laurie Rokakis  

Board Member 


Pat Bakos  

Board Member 


Gabriela Bauman  

Board Member 


Cheri Gardiner  

Board Member 

Joe Dister

Tech Consultant

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