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Messiah Lutheran, Good Soil Lutheran Support Subsidized-Meals Program

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

The congregations of Messiah Lutheran (Fairview Park) and Good Soil Lutheran (Rocky River) made generous contributions in July to support our Meals On Wheels program for lower-income meal recipients.

Although the low cost of our meal service is affordable for many in our community, those who must rely on government assistance for their well-being can find it difficult to pay $40 per week for nutritious food. Through our subsidized-meals program, we are able to provide qualified low-income recipients with meal deliveries at half price. This program is only possible thanks to the generosity of community donors.

We are deeply grateful to Pastor Jerry Burce and his congregation at Messiah, and to Pastor Marissa Harrison and her congregation at Good Soil, for their open-hearted giving to our neighbors in need.


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